Buying a Home

Whether you’ve got a few purchases under your belt, or this is your first home, let’s admit that this is a Big Deal. A lot of money, a lot of thought, a lot of emotions go into this decision. So, you need a plan, and the first step:  Call me.

Let’s talk.

About the current market. About your goals and timelines. Let me set my clock to yours. And then, let’s get to work.

Get pre-approved with a lender.    While it is not a “law” the simple fact is that a seller won’t seriously consider an offer unless it is accompanied by a solid letter from a lender. In fact, some sellers even require the letter before a showing. In addition to providing the seller with confidence that your proposed offer can close, it also confirms a budget that you are comfortable with, provides insight into the potential costs associated with your closing and secures a teammate that will work diligently and professionally to get you to the finish line.

Let’s go Shopping!   Now we need to get out in the market. Don’t be too limiting in your choices of homes to see – remember that photos can work both ways. They can look too good, or surprisingly, they don’t show the true character of the property. You’ve got to get inside the home, see the neighborhood, feel the vibes.

But more than that, this time spent helps you to develop an intrinsic understanding of the target market – after seeing a few homes you will know the value, and what you feel like is a fair offer.

Offer and Contract Management.  Once you discover that home that you have decided is right, I will help you structure an offer, manage the different contingencies, and work the transaction to get you to closing and possession.

Let’s Get to Work.