Selling a Home

Whether you’ve got a few sales under your belt, or this is your first time, let’s admit that this is a Big Deal. A lot of money, a lot of thought, a lot of emotions go into this decision. So, you need a plan, and the first step:  Call me.

Let’s talk.

About the current market. About your goals and timelines. Let me set my clock to yours. And then, let’s get to work.

Consider the Condition of your home.    Are you thinking about selling your home “as it sits” or are you wondering about what kinds up upgrades/improvements might be in order? Is your initial decision based on cash flow or elbow grease? Would you like some assistance in how to best stage your home for photos and showings?

Your home in this market.   You may be surprised to find that some relatively simple “improvements” . . . new paint or flooring . . . can have a surprising outcome, both in price achieved and in the time you must keep your home on the market and available to potential buyers. We can consider a market analysis of your home based on its current condition and then based on the assumption of certain improvements and then learn whether putting out the additional cash up front is cost effective.

The Market Analysis is a 3-step process for me. First, I will gather the publically available information. Second, I will ask for an invitation to your home to get my eyes on the product. This is also a great time to talk about any questions you have top-of-mind and go over how the process going forward will work. Finally, I will take all that information and study the current market to prepare and present to you a formal market analysis together with an “Estimated Net Sheet” that will bring transparency to the different costs of closing you should anticipate.

And that is Just the Beginning.   After our discussions of the Product and Price we can move to the Promotion of your home. We can talk about the offer process and what to look for in a good offer other than price. Let’s explore the transaction management and all the different players involved in the sale and how I will work to keep everyone rowing in the same direction. We can go over possession and the logistics behind that, as well as any other post-closing questions you may have.

Let’s Get Started